Retrogaming Music Creation – New Unit

Dust off your NES, SNES, and SEGA our new retrogaming unit is finally on its way. If you’re from an Essex School and part of our BETA partnership the first two preview lessons of the unit will be added to your Learning Platform shortly.

Make sure you click download and keep in touch using our Community Forum or drop us an email [email protected] 😃

Retrogaming Lesson 2 – Music Free Taster Lesson From Rhythmstix

Here’s a free sneak peek at the second lesson in my soon to be realised Retrogaming unit. Here’s to a little nostalgia!

Children love gaming and in particular most recently retro games. This unit of work will take your students through the process of creating authentic sounds and music using a range of online audio apps including BandLab and Beepbox.

The lessons have been designed to inspire and challenge your students. With clear success criteria and lesson plans, run from our Learning Platform, you can guarantee that your pupils will be fully immersed in their learning.

Creating An Assignment In BandLab For Education

This video will take you through the process of creating an assignment for your class. This can be used in lessons or for homework so that your children have a visual reminder of what is needed. You will learn how to create an assignment for a particular year group along with embedding YouTube videos and attaching media.