Music Teaching Tip!- Pop Song Stucture song!

Today’s tip is for those covering song structure with students. Mr. Morley, a teacher, has created a Taylor Swift parody illustrating song structure. His clever lyrics describe each section as it unfolds.

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Rhythmstix podcast on



I was recently interviewed by Patrick Johns on the podcast to talk about Rhythmstix, please click on the image above to listen to the interview. My BandLab Let’s Get Started unit is free as a trial for three months if you contact us on [email protected].  Let’s get creative!

OCR GCSE Music Quiz – Concerto Through Time – Baroque 1

Stuck revising? This series of videos will help get you back on track.

The Journey’s Over Choreography

This dance is particularly appropriate for Years 5 and 6 and is to support our Junior nativity Guide The Way. Have fun practising it at home!

Let’s get creative!


The Melting Pot

Rob Reich-Storer is currently working on Melting Pot, a new training platform for arts education. This will feature free and paid e-learning from leading companies and specialists for the full range of arts in Primary and Secondary schools.  Schools will be able to access quality interactive lessons and training for the arts from around the UK and connect and share their experiences. Watch this space!

Rhythmstix Music – New Chrome Music Teaching Lab unit…

Watch this space, high quality, inspirational learning. Purchase the unit at shortly.

Retrogaming Music Creation – New Unit

Dust off your NES, SNES, and SEGA our new retrogaming unit is finally on its way. If you’re from an Essex School and part of our BETA partnership the first two preview lessons of the unit will be added to your Learning Platform shortly.

Make sure you click download and keep in touch using our Community Forum or drop us an email [email protected] 😃

Retrogaming Lesson 1

Here is some initial content for our new unit on creating retrogaming music…. It’s going to be fun.

Writing music for retrogames – a unit for music teachers.

Coming soon…

How to delete and update your Learning Platform purchases

Hopefully this simple video will help you if you’re struggling to add a new licence and need to reinstall the software.