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Empowering Teachers and Enhancing Learning: Music and Drama Teacher Rob Reich-Storer Introduces Assessify Project to Streamline Assessment

[London, 15/4/24] – Rob Reich-Storer, an experienced e-learning creator, musician, and educator with over 20 years of experience in music and drama instruction, unveils his latest project aimed at supporting educators in their assessment endeavours. With “Assessify”, Reich-Storer presents a practical solution to streamline assessment processes, allowing teachers to focus more on teaching and providing crucial, differentiated, nuanced feedback to students on their progress.

Drawing from his extensive experience in music and drama education, Reich-Storer understands the importance of effective assessment practices in nurturing student growth and development. Assessify is the culmination of his recent work on AI to support teachers with simplifying administrative tasks, allowing them to devote more time and energy to inspiring student learning.

“At its core, Assessify is about empowering teachers to concentrate on what truly matters – teaching,” explains Rob Reich-Storer. “As a music and drama teacher, I know how notoriously difficult it can be to make assessments in these creative subjects both relevant and useful. Moreover, it’s crucial to develop pupils’ understanding, preparing them for the potential leap to GCSE-level studies.”

While Assessify may not revolutionise assessment practices, its potential impact on classroom efficiency and teacher workload cannot be overstated. By equipping educators with the tools they need to manage assessments more effectively, Rob Reich-Storer’s project contributes to creating a more supportive and conducive learning environment for students.

For more information about Assessify or media inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

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BandLab -Lets Get Started Free

What is it?

BandLab – Let’s Get Started is an engaging and interactive teaching program designed to bring the world of BandLab for Education to life. It consists of 7 weeks of 1-hour differentiated lessons, complete with multimedia resources, quizzes, and straightforward assessments, all conveniently delivered within our app to facilitate rapid student progress.

Why are we offering this for free?

Having successfully sold BandLab Let’s Get Started for the past two years, we’re now shifting our focus to new products. As a gesture of goodwill, we’ve decided to offer this valuable teaching scheme completely free of charge for a year.

How do I access it?

Simply visit our website at to download it for free. During the checkout process, apply the code dARtgJ2AMeGkfptX to access the content at no cost.

Installation Guide: Follow this step-by-step guide to install the software effortlessly. Check it out at

The Melting Pot

Rob Reich-Storer is currently working on Melting Pot, a new training platform for arts education. This will feature free and paid e-learning from leading companies and specialists for the full range of arts in Primary and Secondary schools.  Schools will be able to access quality interactive lessons and training for the arts from around the UK and connect and share their experiences. Watch this space!

Wiltshire Music – BandLab Let’s Get Started Free Trial




Welcome, Wiltshire Music!

My name is Rob Reich-Storer and I’m a specialist music teacher (Primary and Secondary) and composer. During Lockdown I created the Rhythmstix Learning Platform to deliver high-quality immersive, interactive,  multimedia music lessons for music teachers and non-specialists.

On this platform the first series of lessons that I have created is called BandLab – Let’s Get Started, an exciting teaching scheme that brings the world of BandLab for Education to life. With 7 weeks of 1-hour differentiated lessons, complete with multimedia, quizzes, straightforward assessments and lesson plans built-in, we will help your students make rapid progress.

BandLab – Let’s Get Started offers a flexible introduction to the software for Upper KS2 and KS3 and guides pupils at their own pace ensuring that every child can make progress.

A free trial until Christmas will be available to you using the login below.

How do I create a login for my school?

1. Click here for the product page

2. Select BandLab Let’s Get Started

3. When you’re at the product page scroll to the bottom and tick the item and press add to basket.

4. Use “wilts2022” as a coupon code when you get to the checkout.
You will not be charged for the order

5. Download the app at the bottom of this link:

Here is a video to support you with your installation.

I hope you and your children enjoy the lessons, please keep in touch and let me know how you get on using the email address below or our forum. 

Have fun!

Rob Reich-Storer
[email protected]
Rhythmstix Director


Retrogaming Music Creation – New Unit

Dust off your NES, SNES, and SEGA our new retrogaming unit is finally on its way. If you’re from an Essex School and part of our BETA partnership the first two preview lessons of the unit will be added to your Learning Platform shortly.

Make sure you click download and keep in touch using our Community Forum or drop us an email [email protected] 😃