25th November Training- Wiltshire Music Connect

I’m looking forward to offering ideas and guidance on MusicTech along with a free 4-month trial to support teachers “at the beginning of their journey into the world of music technology”.

The session will include input from Akshay Sharma, Rob-Reich Storer and Ben Sellers.

Akshay Sharma is the founder of The Underground Creatives. He uses beatboxing, rap and a variety of technologies to develop musicality and literacy in hard-to-reach groups. Rob-Reich Storer, Head Of Performing Arts at two independent schools in Essex, has recently published a set of resources on Bandlab, an online Digital Audio Workstation. Ben Sellers specialises in inclusive music technology, and leads Wiltshire Music Connects ‘Digital Horizons’ programme.

This event is the precursor to Wiltshire Music Connect’s first Over the Digital Horizon season.