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Empowering Teachers and Enhancing Learning: Music and Drama Teacher Rob Reich-Storer Introduces Assessify Project to Streamline Assessment

[London, 15/4/24] – Rob Reich-Storer, an experienced e-learning creator, musician, and educator with over 20 years of experience in music and drama instruction, unveils his latest project aimed at supporting educators in their assessment endeavours. With “Assessify”, Reich-Storer presents a practical solution to streamline assessment processes, allowing teachers to focus more on teaching and providing crucial, differentiated, nuanced feedback to students on their progress.

Drawing from his extensive experience in music and drama education, Reich-Storer understands the importance of effective assessment practices in nurturing student growth and development. Assessify is the culmination of his recent work on AI to support teachers with simplifying administrative tasks, allowing them to devote more time and energy to inspiring student learning.

“At its core, Assessify is about empowering teachers to concentrate on what truly matters – teaching,” explains Rob Reich-Storer. “As a music and drama teacher, I know how notoriously difficult it can be to make assessments in these creative subjects both relevant and useful. Moreover, it’s crucial to develop pupils’ understanding, preparing them for the potential leap to GCSE-level studies.”

While Assessify may not revolutionise assessment practices, its potential impact on classroom efficiency and teacher workload cannot be overstated. By equipping educators with the tools they need to manage assessments more effectively, Rob Reich-Storer’s project contributes to creating a more supportive and conducive learning environment for students.

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